About Us

Solar Panel Maintenance by Solar Days Ltd

Solar Days

Solar Days provides an efficient and high quality maintenance service drawing on the extensive experience and proven track record of  Shropshire-based Penguin Electrical Solutions Ltd.  Solar Days carry routine maintenance and repairs on photo voltaic installations and can also provide solar panel cleaning.  


Penguin Electrical Solutions Ltd

Renowned Shropshire firm Penguin Electrical Solutions Ltd provide a wealth of specialist advice and knowledge in relation to the photovoltaic panels and the mechanics and intricacies of the solar panel installation overall. Penguin Electrical Solutions’ team is made up of former members of AWE Ltd which traded for 30 years. Penguin Electrical Solutions Ltd carry out Electrical Installations / Maintenance & Testing throughout the UK. Projects range from small domestic jobs in Shropshire to large scale commercial and educational projects anywhere in the UK. If you have any electrical queries or projects, please get in touch.


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