Alert: Energy costs to soar to subsidise nuclear power expansion

Alert: Energy costs to soar to subsidise nuclear power expansion

In recent weeks the government has announced its proposed Electricity Market Reform regime. Part of this scheme is aimed at boosting interest and investment in the nuclear energy industry. This post takes a brief look at what the proposal is and how solar panels may lessen the blow!

The government is looking to incentivise energy companies into investing in building new nuclear power infrastructure. To do this it is suggesting that energy companies increase the bills they send out to consumers, so that in effect, the ordinary household or business will be subsidising the expansion into nuclear power. Estimates suggest that households should expect to pay around £200 extra a year on top of their existing energy bills!

The best way of course to insulate oneself from the proposed price rises is to get yourself a solar panel installation. Solar panels convert light into electricity which will cost you nothing to use. Not only will you be saving money of course, you with the feed in tariff you can make money too.

Call Solar Days today to find out more about the proposed changes to your energy bills and how solar panels and a solar panel installation can help!

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