Energy Now Expo, Telford, February 2014

Thank you to all those who came to our stand at the Energy Now Expo held in Telford on 12 – 13 February.  We are gradually working through all the enquiries for agricultural and commercial solar arrays and will have contacted everyone within the next week.

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Feed in Tariffs held to 31st December

Ofgem confirmed yesterday (31st July) that Feed-in-Tariffs currently applying to the end of September will remain unchanged to 31st December 2013. We encourage our potential customers to be mindful of both savings and tariff income in understanding the financial benefits of solar power.  While the tariff rates will stay the same to the end of the year then fall slightly in the months beyond, successive increases in rates charged for grid electricity continue to make solar power an attractive investment for homes, offices, retail premises, industrial units and farms.  Solar power is most cost-effective for property with high electricity use. Currently the typical return on investment for a domestic 4kW array is around 10 years, falling to around 6 years for a typical 50kW array on commercial and agricultural property.

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Feed in Tariffs from 1st July announced

Ofgem has confirmed the Feed in Tariffs for solar photovoltaic technology for the period starting 1 July 2013 until 1 October 2013. The new FiT rates for installations with an eligibility date on or after 1 July 2013 are: Description FiT rate p/kWh 0-4kW 14.90 >4-10kW 13.50 >10-50kW 12.57 >50-100kW 11.10 >100-150kW 11.10 >150-250kW 10.62 >250kW-5MW 6.85 Stand-alone 6.85 Export tariff 4.64   Despite installations in the 0-50kW range falling short of the stated trigger levels, the 0-4kW, >4-10kW, >10-50kW will all degress by 3.5% as a result of the tariff reduction method that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) included as part of the revised feed-in tariff.

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Feed in Tariff rates from 1 May announced

Revised Feed in Tariff (FIT) rates were announced yesterday (1 March 2013) and will apply from 1 May to 30 June 2013.  Rates for installations up to 50kW remain unchanged, however have fallen slightly for larger installations.  This will therefore affect larger commercial and agricultural installations.  We therefore encourage those thinking of installations larger than 50kW to ensure that they understand the implications of this rate cut.  This is particularly important as project lead times are longer for these installations, notably where negotiations are required with the electricity distributor. We will be alerting prospective customers to this change, however please contact us if you wish to discuss the impact of this rate change.

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Solar Days at Energy Now Expo

Our stand at the two-day Energy Now Expo last week attracted a lot of attention and we have received plenty of enquiries as a result.  Thank you for all those who came to talk to us.  We are contacting all those who asked for a call and will be proceeding to survey, design and quotation soon.

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Solar Days at Energy Now Expo

Solar Days will be exhibiting at the Energy Now Expo to be held at the Telford International Centre on 13 – 14 February 2013.  This is a two-day conference and exhibition designed to bring together farmers & landowners from all over the UK to help them explore and further understand the opportunities available in renewable energy types – wind, biomass, biofuels, biogas, ground source heating, hydro and solar. The conference will focus on all aspects of renewable energy, while the exhibition will provide a showcase of more than 160 suppliers demonstrating the latest technologies. Solar Days has seen a substantial increase in interest in solar photovoltaic installations from farmers and landowners and has undertaken numerous installations of solar arrays on farms.  We see this as an excellent opportunity to meet potential customers in our region.  See for more information.  Entry is free and we look forward to meeting past and future customers on our stand.

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Save Money this Winter

The nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting cold: there’s no denying autumn’s here and we could be set for a pricey winter. Energy companies are planning another rise in prices, and the government seem confused as to what to do to help. Luckily, you can save money by reducing the amount of electricity and gas you use. Draw the curtains (or leave them open) Solar panels aren’t the only way to make use of the natural energy of the sun. If it’s a sunny day, draw back the curtains on the southern side of the house so the sunlight can heat up the room. If you close them again as soon as it gets dark, you’ll make the most of that residual heat. A lot of heat is lost through windows and doors anyway, so drawing curtains and installing draught excluders is a good plan. Look into insulation grants There … Continue reading

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Solar Days featured in The Farmer August 2012

The August edition of The Farmer features an article concerning potato farmer Charlie Brown. His operations involve high power usage by irrigation equipment and refridgerated storage. Solar Days have installed a 135 solar panel array on the roof of the potato store on Charlie’s farm and he is now enjoying the benefits of free electricity production. The Farmer clipping August 2012

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Solar panels: new funding to explore improvements

Recent advances in solar technology In the last week or so a move has begun to explore ways to improve solar panels. Oxford University has been awarded the funding to engineer a new film that would be applied to solar panels in the manufacturing process that would make solar panels cheaper and therefore also make solar panels more readily available! The objective is to move away from using indinium tin oxide as a coating for the solar panels and towards a solar panel film made from cheaper alternatives such as zinc. This would mean the cost of solar panels, which is the main reason for the relatively high price of the technology, would be driven down. Although this is welcome news for suppliers and consumers alike, the research has only just begun and it will be a long time before any developments get rolled out across the solar panel industry. … Continue reading

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Alert: Energy costs to soar to subsidise nuclear power expansion

Alert: Energy costs to soar to subsidise nuclear power expansion In recent weeks the government has announced its proposed Electricity Market Reform regime. Part of this scheme is aimed at boosting interest and investment in the nuclear energy industry. This post takes a brief look at what the proposal is and how solar panels may lessen the blow! The government is looking to incentivise energy companies into investing in building new nuclear power infrastructure. To do this it is suggesting that energy companies increase the bills they send out to consumers, so that in effect, the ordinary household or business will be subsidising the expansion into nuclear power. Estimates suggest that households should expect to pay around £200 extra a year on top of their existing energy bills! The best way of course to insulate oneself from the proposed price rises is to get yourself a solar panel installation. Solar … Continue reading

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