Solar PV Advice to Architects and Developers

Solar Days Ltd is always happy to advise Architects, Property Developers and Builders on installation of solar arrays at the design stage of a new-build or renovation project.  We have received many enquiries where the results have substantially improved integration of the array into the design and also improved awareness of the range of options available when incorporating solar panels into a building.

When a solar array is incorporated into a building, it is often possible to obtain a more pleasing finish and improve array performance by obtaining early specialist advice.  Our background in construction and electrical works means that we are also experienced in understanding the range of building design options which may affect array installation and performance.

Contact Solar Days to find out how we can help you with the design of your new-build, renovation or conversion project.  We can also help with advice and maintenance of existing arrays.


Save Money this Winter

The nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting cold: there’s no denying autumn’s here and we could be set for a pricey winter. Energy companies are planning another rise in prices, and the government seem confused as to what to do to help.

Luckily, you can save money by reducing the amount of electricity and gas you use.

Draw the curtains (or leave them open)

Solar panels aren’t the only way to make use of the natural energy of the sun. If it’s a sunny day, draw back the curtains on the southern side of the house so the sunlight can heat up the room. If you close them again as soon as it gets dark, you’ll make the most of that residual heat.

A lot of heat is lost through windows and doors anyway, so drawing curtains and installing draught excluders is a good plan.

Gas boiler

Look into insulation grants

There are grants and schemes from the government and energy companies that can help you insulate your house without having to pay out. The government’s Warm Front scheme means you could get up to £3500 for insulation, improvements and bills, and British Gas are currently running a scheme to install free cavity wall and loft insulation – even if you aren’t their customer. If you don’t have loft insulation already, installing it can save up to £175 a year, although adding more on top of what you’ve already got makes a difference too.

Turn down the thermostat and wear more clothes

It’s easy to forget, but turning your thermostat down saves you around 10% in energy costs for every degree you lower the temperature. If you start feeling cold, you can always throw on some more clothes before resorting to turning it back up again.

Turn down your central heating

It’s also important not to heat rooms you aren’t using. If you have a guest room, turn down the radiator and close the door.

Generate your own electricity

Even if you don’t use electricity for heating, costs can rise in the winter as lights, tumble dryers and washing machines see more use. You might even find yourself watching TV or using a computer more as you’re less inclined to go outside.

Generating your own electricity with photovoltaic solar panels can be a great move as you reduce your bills and get money from your energy supplier thanks to the feed in tariff (FIT). This means you get paid a set amount for every unit of energy you produce. If you end up with more energy than you need, you can sell it back to the grid to make even more money.

Repairs, repairs, repairs

Many of us these days put off odd jobs around the house, but simple maintenance can save you money on your bills. Fixing dripping taps, repairing and blocking holes around the house and getting your boiler serviced all make a difference, and needn’t take much time or money.

For advice on photovoltaic solar panels in Shropshire and the surrounding area, give us a call on 01743 366555. Our solar power experts can tell you about government tariffs and handle everything from design to installation.

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