Government proposals on Solar Feed in Tariff: what happens now?

Over the past week or so it has been announced by the Government that the Feed in Tariff rates will not only be reduced, but that the new rates will apply from as early as December. This has caused confusion, anger and shock amongst consumers and solar panel installers alike. In this post the proposed changes and the legal challenges mounted by organisations are discussed…

So, the biggest problem for consumers and solar panel companies is that the amount of time available for installations before the Feed in Tariff rates are to be reduced has dramatically shortened. Many customers of national firms have been essentially left in the lurch in as much as they don’t know if they will get their panels installed in time for the cut of date.

In response to this problem Friends of the Earth amongst others have launched a legal challenge against these governmental proposals. At this stage it is unclear whether they will succeed in stalling the proposed start date for the reduced tariffs, but the situation should they fail must be considered.

Solar panels still represent a good investment

Although many people are panicking that solar panels will no longer represent a good investment, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is undoubtedly the case that if you can get your solar panel installation up and running before December you will soon be cashing in, but if you don’t meet this deadline it is not the end of the world. Investing in a solar panel installation will still see you receive a far higher return than many of the investment products on the market today. Furthermore, the price of solar panels is decreasing as demand rockets; meaning solar panel installations are becoming increasingly affordable!

In sum therefore, if you are able, get your solar panel installation sorted before December. If not, don’t be put off, you will still an excellent return on your investment!!

Solar Days are still able to complete solar panel installations before the new rates are set to come in, so call now!!

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