The increase of agricultural solar panel installations

Over the past few months and indeed weeks we at Solar Days have seen a sharp increase in agricultural solar panel installations. This blog post takes as brief look at why so many farmers are looking to solar panels as their next investment in their business.

There is probably one overarching reason why we can see many solar panel installations in farms across the UK: it makes good economic sense. In recent years farms have been increasingly looking to new technologies to improve efficiency and drive up profit. It makes perfect sense therefore that their next investment would be a solar panel installation.

What then are the great benefits many are tapping into? Firstly, with the advantage of an abundance of space in either fields or farm buildings, the ability to host massive solar panel installations means huge amounts of electricity can be generated and a high amount of profit gained through the feed in tariff. Secondly with farm machinery and processes becoming increasingly mechanised all the time, the electricity solar panels generate mean huge savings can be made on electricity bills too!

The financial draws of having solar panel installations on farms are therefore clear: a great return on investment through the feed in tariff and huge savings on electricity bills. As farmers become more aware of the advantages of solar panels you will see ever increasing amounts of solar panel installations on farms, although now you will perhaps understand a little more why they are there!

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