Nano crystal technology: a threat to solar panels and the solar panel installation industry?

Nano crystal technology: a threat to solar panels and the solar panel installation industry?

Over recent weeks a new scientific breakthrough has been announced in America. This announcement has led some to suggest that the days of the solar panel and indeed the solar panel installation company are limited. This blog post takes a brief look to see if these fears are warranted.

The new technology people are getting excited about relates to a recent breakthrough in which scientists have developed a solar nano crystal that can be produced in ink form and which theoretically could be applied to surfaces such as the walls of a house. This would negate the need for solar panels, and the traditional solar panel installation we see on roofs would be a thing of the past. This would indeed solve the main problem of the solar panel installation i.e. it takes up an enormous amount of space, but is it really a viable alternative?

On looking into the technology further it seems that this technology has only been produced in the lab. It requires a lot more testing before it can be produced on a large scale and it will take longer still to be approved and certified by any recognisable energy standards body. Furthermore, it is very likely that it will be a very long time before it becomes cheap enough to be a commercially viable option for homes and businesses. As a result it seems solar panels are here to stay and that fortunately for us here at Solar Days, the solar panel installation industry will be here to stay too!

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