Roof Requirements

Solar days can install solar panels only on solar panel ready roofs – Is your roof solar panel ready?

Although a Solar Days solar panel installation seems to have so many clear and attractive benefits, a note of caution must be highlighted…not all houses will be suited for it. The pointers below will help you to decide whether your roof will accomodate a solar panel installation, but if in doubt, contact Solar Days for more specific advice!

Things to look out for

The key problems home owners face when considering whether to put a solar panel installation on their roof include:

  1. If your house is listed or in a conservation area
  2. If you have a north facing roof or it is totally in the shade for any reason
  3. If your roof is in a poor state of repair or is physically unable to support the panels
What next?

If none of the common problems mentioned above apply to your household, it is more than likely going to be suitable for solar panels. 

If you are worried about whether the state of your roof will prohibit a solar panel installation, then do not give up yet! One part of our team, M W Knight & Sons, has had decades of experience in this area and therefore has extensive practical expertise in roofing maintenance, support and repair.

Finally, M W Knight & Sons has plenty of experince with listed properties, meaning Solar Days is well placed to advise on any planning issues which may arise from a solar panel installation on such a property.

Energy Rating Requirements

Please note that as of the beginning of April, prospective domestic dwellingings looking to install a solar panel installation will need to have an energy rating of band D or above. Solar Days are happy to check whether your house already has such a rating, and if it does not, is happy to provide a service which brings your house up to the requisite standard! This may include a wide range of measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation.

Farm buildings and certain other commerical buildings do not have to meet this standard but have their own regime. Solar Days are happy to advise and explain the new rules and to assist you in complying with them when installing your solar panels.

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