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There has been a lot of adverse publicity recently following the substantial cuts to the Feed in Tariff (FIT) in mid-January 2016.  As a result, many solar installers have left the industry.  Those that have kept going have often lost key staff and expertise in this rapidly-developing technology.

The important news is that solar power has not gone away!  We at Solar Days are here with all the skills, staff and experience required to provide you with new solar arrays or upgrades and repairs to existing systems.  Newly installed arrays are still giving a payback period (return on investment of 6 – 8%; which was the governments original intention all along!

The key message for those with a solar array is that the best-value installations are those where as much of the power generated is used on-site rather then being exported to the Grid.  A popular upgrade is to fit a diverter module which heats water when surplus power is available.  Batteries are also gradually becoming better and cheaper; an option which may suit your needs.

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